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Design your own animated or static signature

Use these cool forms of expression as your signature on your homepage, website, blog, or forum posts.

Now with 1000 fonts, you have even more options for your unique signature

Choose the text color or text tile, the background color or background tile, font, and font size. Your sig is automatically generated, and then you get many options for how to use it and share it with friends.

Get a really cool signature to share with friends and family. You can use it for just about anything whether online or on your own computer. Use a magicsig as your signature for your email or beneath all your forum posts. Write your name or alias in glitter or simply a message to a friend. Choose from animated glitter designs, a bundle of backgrounds. The text is fully customizable. This is absolutely free for your enjoyment! All you have to do is paste the link into your own site and the graphic will magically appear. No knowledge of html is required. MagicSig is an excellent forum signature creator, as well as designer for any other glittering text. is a free online signature creator that is quick and easy to use. Design your own signature or logo in minutes. Share your beautiful signature with friends and family by linking to it from your website or forum posts. You can use it in your email or even print it out. No knowledge of photoshop or other graphic software is necessary, you tell the signature maker what you want and it creates the graphic for you. Large digital photo frame right answer of slideshow.

Look cool with a magicsig signature. The service is free and easy to use. Make as many signatures as you like!
Check back often as new features are constantly being added to the signature maker. New fonts and glitter tiles are constantly being added. Enjoy Magic Sig
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